and it was................. a great day. funny how some days are seamless others prickly. the mirrors arrived, right size, shape, amount not broken and the driver even made a detour to deliver to the studio. starting stringing the birds which turned out easier than anticipated. have obviously built in an automatic 'keep expectations low' default button in brain, and bonus sarah came in to help. the scaffolding problem has been sorted, with the cathedral now providing it. thank the lord. trying to erect 8 mtr high scaffolding at my age isn't to be recommended. it's bad enough that i am going to have to clamber up and down there for 2 days in the near future. (note to self, don't wear a skirt). have also managed not to eat my body weight in biscuits. ended the day by having a theraputic bake with the ruby and grace, in aid of fundraising for haiti tomorrow at school.

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