one week on and it hasn't fallen down!

The exhibition 'Re-imagining treasures of Hyde Abbey' is now officially open to the public at Winchester Cathedral until 28 March 2010. The opening hours are daily 9 am - 5 pm (12.30 pm - 3 pm Sunday) www.winchester-cathedral.org.uk.

The exhibition brings together work by local painters, illustrators, photographers, ceramicists, sculptors, glass, textile and installation artists. Taking treasures of Hyde Abbey as its starting point, this exhibition offers a contemporary response to the idea of objects with a spiritual and historical significance. see www.hyde900.co.uk for the programme of events.

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janet said...

Eileen, saw this today and thought it was AMAZING. I had wondered how you got it all up there and now I know. Your pics here don't really do it justice, so it needs to be seen in reallity.