this weekend, it has to be said has been one of the most frightening of my life. It was the weekend for putting up the piece in the cathedral for the 're-imagining the treasures of hyde abbey exhibition'. I have spent the last 5 months of my live thinking about little else. my family is sick of me, I am sick of me and my hands hurt.

I thought I'd be most scared at the logistics of putting the work up, putting myself 'out there' or even the prospect of the disappointment of it looking fairly rubbish. this all took a distinct back seat by comparison to the scaffolding, or rather the height of it. I had forgotten to factor one important thing into this project. my fear of heights!!

on arrival on friday morning feeling quite pleased with myself having got everything organised with childcare, materials, equipment, methods of tying knots etc i found that i couldn't quite get to the top of the 8 metre high wobbly scaffolding without almost passing out or vomiting, so had to phone my bessie, who was said childcare, and get her to come on down and get on up.

after woefully underestimating the time it would take. 'we'll be in cafe nero for lunch'! we spent the SEVEN hours in the cathedral tying the washing lines across the tie bars, with children in tow. no, not stressful at all!!?

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