finished paper rangoli

This is a project i am currently working on with Art Asia based in Southampton. We've had a training session with the world's number one rangoli artist, Ranbir Kaur, learning all about the cultural and artistic significance of rangoli's. Now each of the 4 shortlisted artists have been assigned to a business or event to host a rangoli themed workshop. I did mine today at the Arthouse Cafe in Southampton. Lovely people turned up and worked in paper making a communal piece of artwork that will be on display in the cafe. The next public event will be the giant rangoli which is a free event, on Saturday 11 June, in the Guildhall Square, Southampton. We're aiming to create an outdoor 20 metre squared rangoli using spices, seeds, fruit and pulses which will be created over 8 hours and then left to the elements. everyone is very welcome to come and join in.

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