cutting table with drawings
a crowd......

children's banner designs 

part of a new design
coloured paper ready on the shelf 

I spent today arranging, drawing, and re-arranging.  Basically 'manual photoshop'.  I tried to save time, or so i thought, scanning in some of the drawings in order to create my designs using CAD but have reverted back to doing it all by eye, by hand.  I really do try to embrace technology and I can see all its merits, but it just leaves me cold.  I much prefer to spend the time drawing, cutting and playing around with real life surfaces and seeing the colours first hand. Call me old fashioned but i get a much better result each time.  The finished pieces will of course be translated into digital format, but the most important part will take place in my studio, on a real table using paper, scissors and quite a bit of blu tac. Radio 4, buckets of tea and dark chocolate digestives help a lot too.

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