leyline exhibition

page by page it's patiently coming into being...and as would befit the first of anything, I've started with creation and tied this into my first location on Tidbury Hill Fort back in July.  All went well until I realised that I'd put pegasus and cygnus in the wrong place!

My next 'entry' to the book covers the first site at Tidbury.  I was disappointed that day and initially didn't warm to the place at all.  It had taken a long time to find in the car and was at first cloudy and wet and felt very claustrophobic.   However things improved when the weather changed and a deer jumped into the 'circle', once the sun came out and masses of butterflies appeared, feeding on the outer perimeter of thistles.    Our group,  made of the 5 exhibiting artists, had all brought flasks and it turned out to be a really lovely day.

sketchbook page

stitched collage
changing composition

sketchbook page

finished pages

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