Stroud International Textiles, May weekend workshop

I am taking part in SELECT on 18 and 19 May as part of Stroud International Textiles programme of events.

SIT is an organisation which aims to raise awareness, increase knowledge and the enjoyment of contemporary textiles and contemporary crafts and to challenge the public’s perception of contemporary crafts while increasing active participation in the arts for a wide range of people and abilities.

SIT’s vision is to act as a catalyst for experimentation and collaboration by promoting an innovative year round programme to the general public that includes high profile exhibitions and learning experiences. Their vision is to support the work of emerging and established artists while encouraging them to reach their creative potential. whilst also broadening the perspective of textile arts and crafts to other art forms such as performance, dance, music, and the written word.

The annual Select programme, run by SIT,  contains high quality contemporary crafts exhibitions and events, alongside a series of high profile major exhibitions and linked Symposiums and seminars in venues in and around Gloucestershire.

As an organisation, SIT has a unique cultural focus locally and regionally with a national and international profile and make a significant contribution to the economic prosperity of the area.

SELECT opens on 27 April until 26 May 2013.

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