Cumberland House Natural History Museum, installing the artwork

Day two of installation and its looking really really great. the musuem is very beautiful and is all spick and span. Nick, head man in all sort of departments has a very sensitive professional touch in areas of architecture, lighting, interior design to name but a few of his strengths. As a result the work made at the various workshops is being shown in a context that both enhances and compliments the existing structure of the building.  Tracy Teasdale, learning officer, with Portsmouth Musuems has been spending the day armed with a glue gun, sticking butterflies (paper ones) to the conservatory windows while i've placed the birds their final display cases.  The official opening is on Wednesday 2 July 2013 at 1.30pm.  All the children from Beacon View Academy, teachers and the mayor will be there.

Can't wait to see their faces!

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