'silent conversation' 20 days across the city exhibition

Our project has been gaining momentum and we've had so many conversations during the making of this work.  Decisions about locations have been challenging and we realised that finding the exact centre of the work and locating compass positions has been quite not as straight forward as we first anticipated.  calibrations, levels, and the fact that the cathedral doesn't have the position we thought it was, has all been very interesting.  

To find out more about the lierne ceiling we visited the cathedral stone masons, who work in a wonderful building in 'dome alley'.  It was fantastic to see their processes and to see a ceiling boss in detail.

we've continued with our drawing excavations of the roof area and later in the day decided to 'lift' the edges by cutting along the main compass bearings of north, south, east and west.

stone masons studio

stone masons tools

contemporary ceiling boss

starting to cut our drawing of the lierne ceiling

the north, south, east, west cut.

my drawing of belinda's ceiling boss.

my work table

the negative space

working on the drawing at home

considering the layout

papercut drawing

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Annie said...

This sounds and looks fascinating and is in fact just down the road from me!X Good luck with it.