New Creatives 2013, First visit to St Vincent College, Gosport

Wednesday 28th November. First of five visits to St Vincent College in Gosport as part of the 'New Creatives 2013' Project.

This is an artist led exhibition project run jointly by Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth, and the 'Creative and Cultural Industries' Faculty at Portsmouth University.  Three professional artists, myself, Chris Jenkins and Oliver Merkin have been chosen to work with FE colleges in the area over a 6 month period, in order for students to gain external influence of working with a professional artist.  A body of work will be developed in this time by each college to be exhibited at Aspex Gallery on 8 March 2013.   The project aims to build students confidence, inspire and support their studies, whilst encouraging them to be more ambitious, and facilitate an exchange of ideas between the professional institutions.

St Vincent College.  What an amazing place. Full of character with old naval buildings, beautiful light and views. The floor of the art department is a bowed parquet listed floor, built to represent the interior of a ship!  The students have amazing facilities, room and light and get the opportunity to choose 3 creative disciplines, as opposed to the normal two that other colleges offer. I am going to be working with quite an intimate crowd, made up from AS and BTec students who between them are studying photography, textiles, graphics and fine art. Perfect! Lauren Scott-Smith, who is my 'buddy' for this project is shadowing me and hopefully will benefit alongside the students at the college from gaining experience of professional practice. She's a final year illustration student at Portsmouth and already has an ambitious and professional outlook.

Our afternoon consisted of making observational drawings from still life studies. Then showing the students how to translate these into papercuts, taking them through different ways of composing as well recording pieces of work.

view from the art room
observational drawing

translating the drawings

finished cutouts

work in progress

kai on his skateboard. view from the artroom

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