leylines exhibition, the final pages

I am at long last at the stage of thinking about binding my book. It's taken an age to decide on the running order and all the final details, but i think i am there.  Just a quick final 'youtube' tutorial on book binding and that should be that! (famous last words, I should know better than to think anything is quick, well for me anyway, I seem to have to repeat any new skill at least 3 times before it works). 

I've really enjoyed the process of assembling and researching this work, it's been quite an intense solitary experience that I lost myself in, with lots of stored observations on life and nature alongside writings by Bob Trubshaw, Senneca,  and various Radio 4 programmes.  As a result it evolved into something resembling a scrap book or diary, albeit a very condensed version, which reflects the various walks and thoughts I've had along this route since March. 


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