have had some brilliant news this week, I am almost too scared to mention in case it all goes kaput!! things lurch from bad (noro virus with a very sick mum last weekend) to exceedingly good.

I've had some photographs taken of the house with a view to getting some press coverage in the glossies for my papercuts, sold my piece 'dwell' in the discovery centre, was told 'memento' is staying up in Winchester cathedral for the BBC filming of 'songs of praise' and got shortlisted for a children's' library commission in Hampshire. holy moly. How ace is that?

For the commission I have to come up with design concepts for floor, walls and textiles. Before the research started in earnest we marked the occasion by eating 'rubycake'......a stupendous cake made entirely by her followed by her maiden voyage out to the shop on her own to buy a pint (of milk, she is only 8).

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