another commission for our goodselves!

tamsin from ideal home with the tree and what she did to our kitchen.

a new commissioned piece for a very yummy mother.....

it's been such a good week that i wish i'd filmed it all. the weekend started with an AMAZING AMAZING visit to spinney woods to see the river people theatre company performing ''the terrible tales of the midnight chorus'. It was set in the clearing of the woods surrounded by candles, actors, puppets, a real fire, rugs on benches, as much of ma's revenge, the teller's tipple and food from the grub hole that you could consume. The actors told their tales with puppets and were accompanied by guitar, bass mandoline and fiddle. we spent sunday in the company of jem and sadie at an outdoor party in the 'grounds' of their truly wonderful house which will be appearing in country living magazine.......which brings me to our christmas yesterday. a kind recommendation by said sadie meant ideal home magazine came and created christmas day in our house yesterday to appear in their magazine....ho ho ho. a strangely hot and sticky experience as we were sweltering in wool and velvet at 30 0c. the things you do to promote your work. in between i had my birthday, made 3 new pieces of work and dabbled with a theatre backdrop. i have been sustained by my bestest best friend joy who has a handle on everything and steers the mothership to safety. xx

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