centre being filled with rice, lentils and mung beans.

initial design marked onto grass

guildhall square, grass site, marking out the 30 x 30 mtr square

this weekend saw the culmination of the 'giant rangoli project' with artasia. A very exhausting yet rewarding 48 hours. Friday started with 4 artists trying to draw a 30 x 30 metre perfect square which took 3 hours!! not a good start however once we managed to work it out, designs were drawn by ranbir kaur the lead artist, and preparations made for an early start on saturday. We were lucky to have good weather and a fantastic team, who always said yes and were excellent at humping!! just as well as we had 2.5 tonnes of material to shift, decant, hand out to the public and design with. The whole day was amazing, it's such a great thing to work communally and create something beautiful. The finished rangoli took exactly 7 hours non stop to make and will be on artasia's website as a timelapse piece. The sun started to set and we decorated the finished area with candles and listened to music. magic. thanks to all who came and added

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