The private view at Mottisfont took place this Friday.  A big big thank you to all who turned up, what a lovely evening.

For those who hadn't been before and even those who had, it was quite a journey to find it in the dark, but hopefully worth it. The path from the car park to the house was candlelit and we were greeted by champagne, live music from Jo Levine and Rebecca miles on Gamba de Viola and baroque recorder and even a real fire. (controlled, in a grate!!)  Lots of people turned up and seemed reluctant to leave at the end. It really would make a great party venue.

The installed work of the other artists, was amazing, brilliant and poetically inspiring. Louise Govier and Phil Smith who run the new gallery have created a London-style exhibition that I am sure will draw in the crowds.  I especially loved Rob Ryan's hand cut pieces and Ed Kluz's domed work.  My work was very received and due to it's location near the drinks table at the entrance to the show,  I probably had a higher than average favourable number of responses!  

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