leylines exhibition end of construction

 my book, called 'the near observed, the far glimpsed' has been named, stitched, glued and is now 'curing' under as much weight that I can pile on top of it, before it emerges tomorrow and can be placed in St Bartholomew's church ready for the launch of our joint exhibition on Friday.

I can see how preparing for this exhibition has made me view my surrounding landscape and the words I associate with it, in a different light.  As a result my experience of nature and my place in it, has taken on a richness and a deeper meaning and significance.  It's been quite a profound and moving experience.

the beginning

the end

all that work, notes, experiments, all packed up....

the finished articles.
 one big, one small, (can't decide which to show), now in the process of 'curing' having been stitched, glued and wrapped.

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