Aspex Gallery Schools workshop 19.3.13

I had the pleasure of working with three primary schools at Aspex Gallery for a days' workshop based on 'does making make us human?'  Solent Infants, College Park Infants and Copnor Infants all arrived in the morning and worked solidly all day.  The brief was to create paper likeness of their partner that they were asigned to for the day.  These had to be to scale and be clothed!

The afternoon they spent investigating each others thoughts, 'who or what do you love?' 'what are you thinking of?'. The answers were translated into drawings and then inserted into cut windows on their paper bodies.

They were all absolutely brilliantly behaved, hard working and supportive of each other. The day was a success and was down to not only them but the wonderful support from all the teachers and volunteers who attended. thank you!

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