Sites of Exchange Exhibition, SPACE Gallery Portsmouth

Following on from the '10 days creative collisions' project where Belinda Mitchell and myself worked collaboratively on a piece of work 'silent conversations' in Winchester Cathedral , we have continued to develop our work using Hampshire County Council's Archaeology store at Bar End, as our base. 

Our project will culminate in an exhibition at a new gallery in Portsmouth called SPACE, and includes the work of two other practitioners,Trish Bould and Kathy Oldridge.   

All the work explores community networks and exchanges through ‘making’ conversations which have been based in different locations.

 ‘Warp Scaffold’ by Trish Bould and Kathy Oldridge is a piece based on research in Gujarat, India, and makes present some of the current changes taking place in the country through an observation of weaving, economic and construction processes.  ‘Silent Conversations’ is a work that was developed in an archaeology archive before being extended in Winchester Cathedral, where the audience were invited to connect to it through depositing drawings, words and stories. All the works engage in dialogues of the 'now' through drawing and making new networks. When they are finally shown together in SPACE Gallery, they will act as a site of exchange between the artists, the art works, the new Gallery and its local community.  The gallery acting as an inter-disciplinary laboratory that questions what ‘knowing from the inside might be’?

Belinda and I have been meeting every Monday at the archaeology store,  having verbal and visual conversations. As part of this 'work in progress' the outcomes are documented and reworked, part of this system is recording it on this blog.

Unrolling and unravelling the work

Making decisions and creating our 'contexts' 

 narratives forming within the work.

sites of exchange, gallery space.

 excavating the bar end archaeology store.

 Back at my studio

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