'Sites of Exchange' Exhibition SPACE Gallery Portsmouth University

I've been working at a variety of sites for the past two weeks, using new and different materials to add to the layers in my work,  re-translating all the conversations that have been taking place.

Its been a constant process of observing and then allowing things to develop, creating work that is a material response to a place and achieving an intrinsic 'knowing'  through the making.

Because the sun has finally decided to shine, I've been able to work outside using alternative photographic techniques, such as cyanotype and pinhole photography.  In addition there's been the luxury and total joy of being able to work at Badger Press for three days.  I am really enjoying the building of layers as well as their degrees of separation. The way a piece of work evolves when you start to work intuitively and organically creating a rich new surface, an expression of being in the moment, the concern being more about the doing and actions rather than an end product.

work in progress ......

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