I am showing my work as part of the 2015 Platform Projects @ Art Athina.

 4 - 7 June 2015.  

For the 2015 Platform Projects @ Art Athina, LUBOMIROV-EASTON invited a large number of international artists to send a letter to Greece. The only restriction on artwork was that it must fit inside an A5 envelope – a size which represents a single fold in the standard A4 letter size. Rooted in a tradition of postcard shows, such as the annual ‘Secrets’ at the Royal College, as well as referencing mail art and the New York Correspondence School, this format has the advantage not only of simplifying freight, but crucially of allowing a larger number of artists to be shown together. Thus the show was conceived as a kind of communal artwork, a joint letter from one community of artists to another, to be assembled on site from hundreds of individual pieces. It is the nature of Platform Projects, as a gathering of international artist-led organisations, which are each other’s audience as much as the visitors to the fair, that made this form of address to other artist communities possible.

The participating artists had complete freedom to interpret the 148x210 mm envelope space and there are no restrictions made on contents: whether the work is a postcard, a letter, or poster; whether painting, drawing, or sculpture; any object was allowed, including digital media such as a CD, DVD, or memory stick, or anything else that could be mailed and survive the postal journey there and back. There were no thematic restrictions either, and the resulting collection was intended as a broad snapshot of practices and ideas. It is then the role of the curator and the viewer to search out signs of a common language, which may perhaps exist, or be perceived to exist. 

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