Cumberland House Natural History Museum 'Flights of Fancy' workshop with Craneswater Junior School 25.4.13

Today was the last day of the children's workshops for the 'Fights of Fancy' Project which will be on show at The Cumberland House Natural History Museum.  My visit was to Craneswater Junior School in Southsea with year 3 children.  The workshop again focused on the museum specimens. My aim today was to get all the children drawing the specimens, concentrating on shape and scale.  They were given only pencils and charcoal. Once they'd loosened up, there were some really beautiful drawings produced.  The most difficult thing was getting them to produce large drawings. I find there's always a reluctance with this and they always seem a lot more comfortable working to a smaller scale in the middle of a sheet of paper. 

The afternoon was spent translating the drawings into silhouettes and cutting them out of card using a limited palette of two colours. The surfaces of the birds were then decorated before being hung together in a flock.

Everyone worked hard and said that the day went really fast. We're now in the process of preparing all the work for installation at the museum, ready for the grand opening in a few weeks.

drawing the birds 

studying the large cormarant

drawing a very large seagull specimen

this little boy said he couldn't draw

charcoal drawing of seagull

owl sketch

another fantastic seagull

silhouette hanging birds

cutting patterns for the surface of the birds

wings and surface decoration

finished silhouette
finished bird

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